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The steel mining industry is highly reliant on shipping and transportation. Timely shipments of raw materials such as coal and iron ore are required to continue production for steel manufacturers. Depending on the metal parts or equipment being manufactured, the timely and economical transport of bulky oversized metal sheets, parts or final products is also required. These types of steel and metal cargo are most often moved by rail, truck and ship or barge. Transporting steel and metal products by barge provides a cost-effective and competitive solution for shipments.

Steel Freight specializes in the transportation of steel products including flat-rolled steel, carbon steel coils, steel sheets, and more. If you are looking for a steel hauling company with industry expertise, you have come to the right place. We handle steel transport for companies across Australia.

Steel mining
Steel Transportation

With most steel loads weighing between 2000 to 50000 kg’s, specialty equipment, training, and knowledge of regulations are required to safety transport steel products. At Steel Freight we are ready to secure and move even the most challenging loads.

Steel Freight offers flexible options to meet every partner’s unique needs. Whether you are seeking regular transport of steel coils or just need a one-off help for a short haul, we ‘ve got you covered. Our Operations team are the best in the business, and you can count on them to get your load where you need it to go, on time. In addition to meeting your business needs today, we want you to know that partnering with Steel Freight means you have the flexibility to change your transport requirements as you continue to grow.

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